About Us

We meet customer demands quickly and completely with our unrivaled stock and supply power.

Şimşek Plastik, which is among the leading companies of our country in its sector, is one of the colorful, innovative and powerful brands in its field.

Today, we are happy to add value to the products of dozens of international brands in many different sectors. With our internationally accepted production power in the sector, which put the unchangeable quality approach as a vision of existence, today, we have delivered Şimşek Plastik quality to many points of our country.

All production processes are carried out with Şimşek Plastik's unchanging quality approach, from the production to the delivery of the product, and even the smallest detail is kept under control and the products are delivered to their users with an intense sensitivity to ensure that the product comes out within the framework of the commitments made. All products produced are monitored continuously in the whole process with computer aided automation systems and are offered to the markets after being controlled in full-fledged R&D and QUALITY CONTROL units.

Our most basic vision is to bring our products to you in the fastest way possible with our wide and diverse product range and to become a preferred brand in our sector with our customer-oriented approach.


Hope to achieve great success together...


R&D and Innovation

Şimşek Plastik has been one of the leading names in the sector with its R&D studies. Within the scope of its technical staff, knowledge and market researches that shape the future, the product development is carried out in the production facility, before the products are offered to the market, by testing and putting them into use. The collaboration with the technical team during the design and R&D phase carries the success of the resulting product to the highest levels.

Our quality policy